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Interested and qualified candidates, please submit your resume to:

Lauren Hodgetts, Director – – 917.270.4139

Assistant Director of Operations / Portfolio Manager

New York, NY


Company Overview:

Our client is focused on acquisition, development, construction, and management of residential, commercial, and retail properties throughout New York City and Washington DC. Their portfolio includes a collection of Class A, luxury residential buildings, modern office spaces and highly visible retail locations totaling over 8 million square feet. They continue to build on a tradition of visionary planning, intensive asset management and long-term value creation through acquisition, repositioning and development of transformational residential and commercial real estate projects.

Position Overview:

The Assistant Director of Operations is responsible for all construction and operational activities of the building(s) and shall maintain the building(s) at a level that is appropriate to its/their class (e.g., Class A or Class B). The Assistant Director of Operations is charged with the day-to-day implementation and enforcement of those policies, procedures and programs that will assure a well-managed, well-maintained building placing maximum emphasis on positive response to the concerns and needs of the tenants, and on increasing the value of the property being managed, in coordination and conjunction with the Owner's goals and objectives.

The Assistant Director of Operations must work closely with the Portfolio Manager and Director of Operations on a daily basis as a cohesive team. Of critical importance is consistent communications to the Tenants of policies and procedures. The Assistant Director of Operations must be able to make sound analyses of tenant and building issues and make clear, concise, and well-informed recommendations to the D00.


Construction & Tenant Construction

  • Coordinate tenant improvements with assistance of Project Manager.
  • Review architectural plans, tenant buildouts and capital improvements with building engineering department; provide input and make recommendations to DOO for approval I changes to tenant plans.
  • Interpret and review structural, mechanical and electrical drawings and specifications.
  • Coordinate and supervise specifically assigned construction projects (shared with Project Manager) in accordance with lease agreement and adherence to property code and building regulations. Assure proper payment of construction contracts and proper execution of lien waivers.
  • In coordination with Project Management and Building Management, work to close out any outstanding building permits. Communicate open contractor work permits to vendors; monitor to ensure close-out / coordinate DOB inspections with building staff.
  • Competitively Bid / Award Construction Projects (within structured approvals/budgets); modify AIA agreements for project execution.

Building Operations

  • Operate property within the guidelines of the approved budget to appropriately maintain operations of the building.
  • Supervise, manage, and coach the engineering staff; make staffing recommendations as needed.
  • Perform regular inspections of property. Recommend and direct alterations, maintenance and reconditioning of property as necessary. Contract for vendor services and supervise as required.
  • Obtain bids and negotiate service contracts for varied elements of the building; Review and analyze contracts with Director of Operations ("D00") prior to award; Monitor the performance and cost of all contracted service vendors.
  • Prepare routine reports and plans of action for corrective measures and future planning; furnish all appropriate information in report form to D00.
  • Perform follow up of the maintenance programs for the various services and building elements (i.e. lighting, electrical systems, flooring, building envelopes, HVAC systems, landscaping, parking areas, etc.) Coordinate items and tasks with the Chief Engineer /Building Superintendent.
  • Supervise and direct Engineering Department for the maintenance management system to ensure that updates are carried out, track work as it is being completed and generate routine reports regarding status, manpower, costs, etc. on a regularly scheduled basis. Enforce accountability of tools and equipment.
  • Track and manage portfolio cyclical testing (Local Law 11 facade, Local Law 87 cyclical energy audits, FDNY testing I inspections and DOB testing).
  • Monitor industry code changes and report to Director of Operations; communication of same to engineering staff and Portfolio Manager.
  • Be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week as on-call manager. Provide emergency and off hours response relative to building situations, projects and general situations to maintain Class "A" level of service. Attend TO contacts from staff relative to issues occurring during weekends, holidays and after hours. Direct all appropriate personnel and services to attend to the tasks as necessary.
  • Physical management of portfolio data/ telecom services; review maintenance, ensure license agreement compliance, review any new plans and coordinate new installations.
  • Oversee Elevator Maintenance at Flagship Hi-Rise Office Building; ensuring compliance with Category Annual and 5 Year Testing. Coordinate I schedule testing with Elevator Contractor.

Annual Duties

  • With engineering staff, identify emergency repairs, short term and long-term improvements and make recommendations to Director and Portfolio Manager for purposes of budget.
  • Prepare annual utility projections for budgets; work with Portfolio Manager to explain any Year-to-Date Variances.

Property Accounting & Reporting

Annual Duties

  • Prepare the annual budget of income, operating expenses, and capital expenditures, and prepare comparison to previous year's actual results. Once approved by GM and Owner, prepare upload budget form and submit to Accounting. Follow up and confirm that budget is uploaded accurately.
  • In coordination with Director of Operations and Assistant Director of Engineering, prepare 5 and/or 10-Year Operating and Capital Improvement Plan that includes emergency repairs, short-term and long-term improvements.

Quarterly Duties

  • Coordinate with Property Stakeholders / Accounting for Quarterly and Year End Variance Reports for Operating and Capital Expenses. Reports are a requirement of lending institutions.

Tenant Relations & Marketing

  • Respond to tenant needs and coordinate with maintenance staff to resolve problems in the highest professional manner. Maintain positive relationships and high retention levels with all tenants. Respond to all problems and concerns and ensure compliance with rules and regulations.
  • Act as tenant liaison representing ownership's interests in problem solving and tenant retention.
  • Coordinate the preparation of vacant spaces for marketing. On occasion, prepare space for showings. On occasion, show space to prospective tenants.
  • Assist the Operations and Leasing Departments in implementation of marketing program, including cost estimation of demolition, and monitoring progress of tenant improvements.

Staff Management

  • Supervise onsite management and engineering employees to ensure optimum performance.
  • Train and develop staff.
  • Provide coaching/counseling, conduct appraisals, and make hiring recommendations.
  • Address complaints and resolve problems with the assistance and guidance of the Director of Operations.
  • Coordinate with Senior Director and make recommendations for annual staff (union and non­union) staff increases.