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Interested and Qualified candidates please submit a resume to Christina Smith || 617-875-3378


Granby, MA



Our client is one of New England’s premier non-union construction managers, distinguished by the range and depth of in-house technical expertise provided in project planning, budgeting and design. The firm maintains fully staffed engineering and estimating departments to deliver thoughtful project budgets, critical path schedules, and logistical plans. The organization’s development arm, one of the affiliated companies, offers expertise in project financing, development, and public permitting.

POSITION SUMMARY:                                                  

The President is responsible for the efficient and profitable operations of the company. The chosen candidate will be responsible for overseeing Estimating, Business Development, Project Management, and Support Services across Operations in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The President reports to the President of the parent company.

Essential Job Functions

  • Provide general direction and guidance to other officers and all department heads. Resolve any difficulties.
  • Within guidelines from parent company, establish Company and divisional financial objectives and current and future workload mix.  Approve the budgets developed from these objectives.  Monitor and adhere to these budgets by monthly review and written comments on the firm’s financial statements.
  • Establish a long range plan for growth and improved profitability.  Provide a written plan on an annual basis.
  • Review job opportunities with the executive team and decide on jobs to be pursued in marginal situations.  Review major sales presentations with the executive team and attend these presentations where personal involvement can be helpful.
  • Review jobs available to bid with the Chief Estimator weekly.  Determine jobs to be submitted for bid.  Review the estimates of our work items prepared by the Estimating Department and resolve any differences that show up on check estimates provided by other departments.  Review all sub-bids with the Chief Estimator.  Approve markup and final bid.
  • Participate in assigning internal project teams.
  • Review weekly with the Project Executive and General Superintendent the status of all major jobs and recommend actions needed to overcome special problems.  Inspect every job monthly to review general progress and to let the people on the job know that the President is interested in their efforts.  Review the labor, material, sub-bid and critical path comments made by the Project Executive or General Superintendent.  On a weekly basis and through the use of marginal notes let them know of the President’s interest and sometimes desire for corrective action.
  • Approve major capital purchase.  Approve policies dealing with issuance and use of Company vehicles.     
  • Review on an annual basis the performance of the people reporting directly to the President.  Within general guidelines set by the Compensation Committee, approve all changes in the salaried payroll.  If bonuses are paid, make recommendations on amounts. Determine all polices with regard to room and board and travel expense. 
  • Develop interest in new methods and materials through regular meetings with the Executive team and other engineers.
  • Be marketing oriented to developers and prior customers. Build strong, repeat client relationships.
  • Review on a weekly basis major accounts receivables, especially overdue accounts. 
  • Review on a monthly basis the status of overbillings and under billings and provide comment to the office engineers.
  • Meet quarterly with the local agent of the bonding company.  Meet annually with the home office representatives of both the bonding company and the major bank.


  • Demonstrated ability to maximize company profitability
  • Demonstrate strong leadership and motivational skills
  • Possess strong analytical skills
  • Be an innovative leader in marketing and operations, corporate growth strategies and positioning company to excel in its marketplace
  • Demonstrated ability to lead company during changes in financial cycles
  • Demonstrate ability to create a company cultural consistent with the vision of the owners
  • Ability to comfortably communicate, both verbally and in written correspondence, to senior executives, project team members, consultants, and partners