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Interested qualified candidates, please submit your resume to:

Lauren Hodgetts||917-270-4139


Fresno, CA


Position Overview:

The President/CEO of the firm will be responsible for providing overall leadership and to secure optimum financial results for the company. The position is responsible for achieving financial and growth goals including revenue profits, market share and providing strategic planning to obtain these results. The overall goal is to provide long term value to the owners and investors of the firm. The President/CEO is also responsible for recruiting and developing quality agents and overseeing all day-to-day business operations. This person will provide the highest level of support in business development and leadership to all the firm’s professionals.


  • Formulate and execute strategic plans to manage the office’s daily business activities, cultivate new business, and establish the brand name of the firm in the region.
  • Develop and employ an agent strategy to best cover the market.
  • Create a long-term vision for the company that is understood by the Board and the stockholders.
  • Act as broker of record for the firm; maintain licenses; manage the brokerage firm and all agents.
  • Effectively oversee the commercial real estate and farm department through respective managers.
  • Instill and grow commitment to the firm through training and coaching of agents at all levels.
  • Create agent and shareholder accountability that will support agents to achieve their goals.
  • Establish credibility with agents; facilitate problem solving when required.
  • Balance agents, staff, and research interaction in all operational procedures of the company.
  • Represent the company as a market expert and as a spokesperson in the regional real estate and business community.
  • Ensure that the firm is providing client satisfaction.
  • Communicate with the Board of Directors on a regular basis; plan and organize all Board meetings.
  • Work closely with and obtain credibility and accountability with staff, brokers/agents, and shareholders.
  • Provide strategic goals and utilize all resources; maximize profitability for the firm.
  • Approve and oversee all listings, contracts, and expenses.
  • Perform/oversee Human Resource functions within the company; recruit new talent, train current staff, and terminate employees when necessary; upgrade, maintain, and enforce the firm’s policy manual.
  • Run sales meetings, board meetings & annual meetings; help coordinate the firm’s internal functions (socials, etc.)
  • Review and handle advertising and promotion with the company.
  • Develop a working relationship with firm’s legal and accounting representatives; upgrade all legal documents.
  • Understand and reorganize workflow as needed; duties should be clear and understood by everyone.


  • Licensed Real Estate Broker with experience selling commercial real estate.
  • 15-25+ years of experience preferred.
  • Well-known and respected in the community with excellent connections for both recruitment and business development.
  • Knowledge and understanding of financial matters, budgeting, cash flow, profits and profit centers; ability to make difficult decisions required to control expenditures.
  • Capacity to make independent judgments as to the best course for the company. Must be adept in analyzing and assessing risk and liability to the firm and have the ability to explain those risks internally (i.e. the Board and the broker/salesperson involved.)
  • Ability to organize and oversee expansion into new territories, new technologies, mergers, acquisitions, and other avenues that consummate in the growth and success of the firm.
  • Aptitude to recognize opportunities to hire well qualified, experienced agents that fit well with the standards set by the firm.
  • Possess an approachable personality that is calm, analytical, and fair minded. Sense of humor is a must.
  • An apt communicator who is both open and timely in their responses.
  • Capacity to deal with internal disagreements with impartiality. Create a cooperative atmosphere within the company, both agents and staff. Have an open-door policy recognized by all.
  • Ability to manage both commercial and farm agents and staff of all personalities and ages.