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Qualified candidates contact: Christina Smith - or 617-875-3378

Senior Property Manager - ownership group

Boston, MA


The Senior Property Manager (SPM) is responsible for in the management of commercial property/properties, association(s) or one or more components of a larger, complex property. Responsibilities involve  a broad  range  of property management functions (in accordance with Property  Management  Agreements  and  property  needs), including, but not limited to; billings and collections; budget preparation and execution; building and facility operations, maintenance and repair; client, community, company, government and tenant relations; complaints; construction, project and development supervision services; inspections; invoice review and processing; insurance tracking; lease enforcement; leasing; legal actions; marketing and advertising; service contract negotiation, execution and supervision; and payment of taxes. Specific priorities or focus may be directed by the General Manager depending upon the specific needs of the Property.


1. Budgeting and Reporting

The preparation of all budgets and reports on a timely basis including:

  • Annual Budgets
  • Monthly Reports & Narratives
  • Reforecast
  • Sales Reports
  • AR Reports
  • Year-end reconciliations 

2. Administrative
Supervise administrative and on-site staff; resolve leasing/property management issues

  • Contracts/Contractor/Vendors – Negotiate appropriate service contracts; schedule and monitor daily activities and performance of contractors to ensure strict compliance with the duties specified in the contract; ensure contractors perform to the highest standards including MSDS compliance; preserve proper communications and filing of same including:
  • Use of standard, approved company service contracts with appropriate termination rights
  • Proper insurance certificates
  • W-9s
  • Service contract expirations/renewals
  • Service contracts may include but are not restricted to cleaning, day porter, concierge, HVAC maintenance, Security, Fire and Alarm systems and monitoring, parking, pest control, water treatment, window cleaning, etc. 


Assists to ensure proper insurance is in place for the property, tenants, contractors and vendors and administer as appropriate

  • Tenant and Vendor Insurance: Obtains and reviews Tenant and Vendor insurance certificates for accuracy and effectiveness. Maintains certificate files in organized, auditable fashion including:
  • Tenant COIs - Will require review of lease language for proper compliance
  •  Vendor COIs- Will require review of service contract for proper compliance

Insurance Claims

  • Notify insurer of any potential claims including providing the appropriate reports
  • Assist insurer in responding to any claims or legal  action  and, when  appropriate, appear  as a witness on behalf of the center and/or company
  • Invoices – Review and Approve coding and tracking of invoices 

Lease Administration

  • Monitor and enforce all lease terms including:
  • Timely billings
  • Collection of rents
  • Insuring tenant adherence to lease requirements and obligations
  • Issuance of default letters
  • Tenant activities (i.e., construction, renovation, operations, etc.) pursuant to tenant’s obligations under the lease. 

Manuals, Handbooks and Standard Operating Procedures – Maintain and implement proper manuals and procedural manuals including: 

  • Construction Handbook
  • OSHA Forms
  • Crisis Communication Plan
  • Property Management Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Emergency Manual
    Public Safety Manual
  • Operating & Maintenance manuals & logs 

Tenant Relations

  • Maintain appropriate contracts, communications and filing of same including:
  • Tenant Complaints - receives and takes prompt and appropriate action on all complaints
  • Tenant Emergency Contact List – maintain an updated tenant contact list
  • Tenant Handbook – maintain and update as needed
  • Tenant Orientation – coordinate and conduct orientation of property and Tenant Handbook with any new tenants and/or managers
  •  Tenant Service Requests - schedule, track and file any tenant maintenance requests 

3. Company & Client Relations

Relationships are an important and critical component of a manager’s responsibilities. Develop and maintain strong, positive company and client relations by:

  • Maintain positive company departmental & interdepartmental relations to facilitate optimal interaction, morale and productivity
  • Maintaining the appropriate level of involvement and positive communications and relations with company clients including but not restricted to lenders, insurers and partners 

4. Construction – Tenant and Building

Assist in construction and project management as follows:

  • When construction or project management staffing is available on-site, then tenant construction and center construction projects (outside of normal operations) is monitored by the construction/development department, Operations Manager, Assistant Manager or Architect with appropriate assistance and from Property Management.
  • In the event that the construction/project management staff is not on-site, then the responsibility falls to the  Property Management team including:
  • Tour the property and/or tenant construction as needed  to  ensure  compliance  with  the approved drawings and inform the construction department of the on-going status or any problems
  • Review and approve including tenant requests for disbursement of tenant allowances.
  • Reviews and approves all capital expenditures, verifying that they were budgeted and approved.
  • Approve invoices pertaining to building expenses and approves Purchase Order requests from building maintenance staff.
  • Distributes tenant notifications regarding work related shutdowns, emergency or unusual situations, etc.

5. Leasing – Assist leasing department in the leasing efforts in:

  • the development of marketing materials, collaterals and signage
  • showing space
  • reviewing tenant’s base building needs to determine if existing systems are sufficient
  • negotiating new leases and amendments to ensure compliance with standards for the building
  • reporting tenant sales and conditions that might affect new and or existing deals

6. Personnel & Staff Development

  • Direct, supervise and monitor all staff related to the property directly or through supervisors
  • Hire, monitor and review  of  performance, coach/counsel/mentor/discipline, train and terminate staff  members as appropriate to ensure a professional and cohesive team (in adherence with company standards and policies and with input and approval from HR)
  • Maintain positive employee and company relations to facilitate optimal interaction, morale and productivity
  • Hold weekly staff meetings to cover on-going needs of property, update status of various activities and cover items noted in regular tours of the property

7. Property Maintenance

  • Maintain the safety and integrity of all buildings, systems and equipment through staff or contractors (see Administrative, Contracts/Contractor/Vendors section above for additional detail)
  • Ensure compliance with all codes, laws and environmental issues
  • Project future needs including capital requirements and improvements
  • Complete regular tours of the property to ensure proper maintenance of the facility, efficient and effective performance of responsibilities by staff, contractors, vendors and tenants adherence to terms of the lease.  These include, at a minimum:
    • Daily tours/walks of the property including interior/exterior, entrances, truck docks, tunnels, parking lots, ring roads, etc. with notes of findings
    • Monthly tour/walk of the roof
    • Regular, no less than twice a month, nighttime inspections of the property and all lighting systems. This is important to ensure the safety and security of our customers and employees.
    • Periodic fire and life safety inspections 

8. Security, Safety and Risk Management

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment through property inspections and observations identifying and address, in a timely manner, any deficiencies.
  • Maintain and implement when needed a property Crisis Communication Plan and Emergency Manual
  • Maintain high focus on customer safety to ensure against false impressions and to reduce liability and claims
  • Establish strong relationships with the local police agencies
  • Provide immediate and appropriate response to any security and accident issues/incidents including proper notification of the insurance company
  • Train staff to watch for and report any potential safety hazards and safety risk
  • Ensure security staff is appropriately trained whether they are in-house staff or outside contractor 

9. Tenant Communication and Relations

  • Establish and maintain close relationship with tenant leadership and office managers
  • Deal with problems as soon as possible with a goal of resolving differences where possible
  • Hold annual meetings to discuss the coming year and any plans relating to development, maintenance, marketing and special events 

10. Market Knowledge – Develop a strong understanding of the marketing including:

  • Demographics & Competition – both present and future possibilities of tenants and prospects
  • Knowledge of Life Science tenant operational needs and infrastructure requirements
  • Be involved in the properties marketing program from inception to implementation including assisting in collecting the necessary information for events, collecting the proper documents for review and execution, overseeing the event calendar, direct the coordination of tenant services and holiday programs for the buildings, including  holiday cards, decorations, tenant gifts, etc. 


  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration, real estate, finance or a related field is required; CPM and/or RPA designation is preferred
  • Seven years of relevant experience in modern lab and/or office building is required, as well as construction management and leasing experience of Class A properties
  • Strong tenant relations skills
  • Proficient in MS Office, Yardi and Building Engines
  • A mature professional with excellent judgment
  • Exceptional communications skills (written and verbal) and intuitive interpersonal skills
  • A highly entrepreneurial, self-motivated and results-oriented individual
  • Strong time management skills, adaptable with ability to manage multiple priorities & meet deadlines, and keen attention to detail
  • A team-based approach in routine communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing of ideas and experience among internal teams and external partners