Keller Augusta Partners

Our Process

Keller Augusta provides a full-service, customized search process for each position we place, utilizing our broad network and extensive industry contacts and research teams to identify strong candidates in a timely manner.

At Keller Augusta, dedication to excellence and client satisfaction is how we work.


Client Need

  • Understand client need, define the role(s); title and reporting structure
  • Analyze market conditions/trends
  • Gather information regarding company culture and hiring process
  • Determine compensation parameters and develop job description
  • Collaborate on the message to the market regarding the opportunity

Candidate Development

  • Conduct thorough research for the purpose of building out candidate lists
  • Utilize vast business networks, cultivated databases and targeted outreach
  • Execute comprehensive in-person candidate screening involving analysis of relevant work experience, skillset, education, and cultural fit

Evaluation Selection

  • Candidate profiles are submitted to the client with:
    • Resume
    • Relevant work
    • Synopsis of experience including details on personality and presentation
  • Candidate interviews are discussed and scheduled

Offer & Acceptance

  • Advise client on competitive compensation metrics and candidate expectations
  • Client extends an offer to the selected finalist
  • Candidate start date and on-boarding procedures determined

What Our Clients Say

Jamestown, L.P. - Dana Griffin

"With a deep knowledge of market trends and insight into several real estate sectors, including development, Keller Augusta’s organized recruitment process includes a high-level background of each candidate."

BioMed Realty - Colleen O'Connor

"Keller Augusta’s robust network and reputation in the market allows them to compile a dynamic talent pool. The Keller Augusta team also understands the skill sets required to succeed in various roles and has saved me a lot of interviewing time by sourcing and vetting candidates.

With a strong intel on market competition, Keller Augusta has advised us on how to remain competitive, having an integral part in all aspects of the hiring process from start to finish."

Samuels & Associates - Leslie Cohen

"With demonstrated success, Keller Augusta continues to be our company’s go-to search firm. Their in-depth understanding of the market and the intricacies of our work, coupled with their hands-on approach allows us to identify talent that is beyond our line of vision. They know the market and listen to their client needs."

Federal Realty Investment Trust - Patrick McMahon

"Well-connected to industry organizations, seasoned entrepreneurs and senior leaders, Keller Augusta leverages opportunities presented by the complex global environment to bridge individuals in different sectors. The Keller Augusta team is deeply rooted in each step of the search process, differentiating themselves from their competitors by also guiding our company throughout the post-hire and on-boarding, providing a ‘white glove’ approach."

BridgeInvest - Ian Glaser

"Understanding the needs of their clients, the firm provides unmatched recruitment services. Highly recommended by several real estate industry groups for their national network and tailored approach, Keller Augusta conducts a detailed, high-quality search, identifying well-rounded professionals with a blend of qualitative, analytical, and ‘real world’ experience."